Monday, February 05, 2007

Blog Chips

-Penn State has added two more recruits to their class of 2007 – Defensive end Chimaeze Okoli and Defensive back Drew Astorino.

-Mike Clark, the chairman of the NCAA rules committee admitted that Rule 3-2-5 is a crock.

“The committee can make mistakes…There is a can of worms that was opened up hat could happen, twice a year, late in the football game. It makes things look bad.”
It doesn’t take intentional offside kicks to make you guys look bad Mikey, your asinine rule did that long before the season started; now go do something about it.

-The Penn State basketball team lost… again. Mike from Black Shoe Diaries was there to see it in person and well, let’s just say he didn’t have a very nice time. The team stunk, the food was lousy and even the Dance Team was fat.

-The Wrestling team had a HUGE weekend as they pummeled No. 10 Northwestern 25-8 on Friday night and shocked No. 6 Iowa 24-13 Sunday in front of nearly 6,000 fans in a packed Rec Hall. I’ll post my Wrestling Wreport tomorrow, and I have to say it will be quite the joy to write.


Black Shoe Diaries said...

Nice wins by the wrestling team. Looks like they may be turning things around and those younger kids are getting in the groove.

Galen said...

Beating Iowa two years in a row is sweet and I'm hoping this will give them momentum going into the Big Ten's in a couple weeks.