Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable

It’s Wednesday and that means Blue & White Roundtable time. Run from RUTS has the questions this week and there is even a meteorological query for you weather geeks.

1. It was a good showing for Tony Hunt, Paul Posuszny, and Levi Brown at last week's Senior Bowl. When do you see these three guys getting drafted, and where would you like to see them end up?

If any of them end up at Dallas or Oakland I will puke. Other then those two teams, I really don’t care where. I don’t particularly love Philly, but I can handle them considering T.O. is gone now. As for the whens – I’ll take a shot and say they all go on the first day. I think Levi is considered the second best lineman behind Thomas and will go in the first round, early second; Hunt played himself into a late second or third round pick and I don’t think you will see Poz around any later then the second.

2. Penn State's men's basketball team dropped another game on Sunday, as their latest come-from-ahead effort resulted in a 65-60 loss at Minnesota. Now the Lions are 1-6 in the conference, and 10-10 overall. How many more wins will the Lions get this season, and does Ed DeChellis deserve another year at this point?

I’m going to say two maybe three – they still have to play Wisconsin and Ohio State twice… ouch. I don’t think you can jump ship on DeChellis yet, let’s all remember that he has had very little to work with and has had to take what he can get in recruiting. Many overzealous fans think that a “name” coach is the way to go, but what big time coaching prospect is going to come to Happy Valley? DeChellis is the long term answer and he needs to be given some slack.

3. How would you fix the messes that are the men's and women's basketball teams?

I wouldn’t change a thing right now; the wheels are already in motion. The University chose to stick with Portland despite all the problems of the past couple years and getting rid of her now just makes things look worse. Right now, Rene isn’t real popular with a lot of the student body but that will fad with time. Both coaches just need time to fix the sinking programs. The Women’s program has always been able to recruit well, so I’m sure it won’t be long till they get back on top. Like I said in the question before, I think Ed will get this program in the right direction soon. I think this season is just a minor setback for both.

4. Okay, back to football. What will be the fiercest position battles this spring in Happy Valley? Which players should be looking over their shoulders?

I think there will be a battle on the offensive line with two junior college kids coming in and several freshmen coming off redshirts including some highly touted recruits. I think outside the center position, the other spots are open. The third linebacker position is going to be really interesting, who will get to be the forgotten guy… as in the guy that no team schemes against? With Bell having another year under his belt and Moye coming in, that gives the Lions two receivers over 6’2”. Hopefully the starting guys will be pushed to do a better job next year because the wide receiving corps was the biggest disappointment of this season.

5. The Altoona Mirror recently published an article about Jay Paterno, and the criticism that comes his way. Is the venom toward JayPa warranted? How do you assess his performance as quarterbacks coach?

I think some of the vitriol is reasonable but I think a lot goes over the line. Mike won’t agree with me, but I don’t understand how you can judge him on Zack Mills and one year of Morelli. Everyone is more then happy to dismiss Robinson’s fantastic senior year on shear athleticism which I think is unfair to Jay. As I’ve said in the past, I’m not defending Jay; I just don’t know what to think of him. I do know this, if Morelli comes out next season and plays like he did in the Outback Bowl, the Jay haters will disappear.

Lightning Round

What year will Penn State hoops return to the NCAA Tournament?

Next season – a guy can dream can’t he?

It's December 1, 2007. What bowl will Penn State be preparing for?

The BCS Championship – a guy can dream can’t he?

Chance of rain at this spring's Blue/White game -- 95%, 98%, or 105%?

0% - a guy can… oh forget it, it’s going to ran cats and dogs like every year.

Dear God... throw us a bone here!

There you have it, as always leave your thoughts in the comment section below and head on over to Run Up the Score and Black Shoe Diaries to get their responses.

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