Monday, January 29, 2007

Blog Chips

-Hunt named Senior Bowl MVP

Tony Hunt scored on a seven yard plunge on the North’s first offensive drive and ran for 38 yards on eight carries to lead all rushers in the Senior bowl Saturday. For his efforts, Hunt was named the Senior Bowl MVP. The North demolished the South 27 – 0 as the SEC left their ‘speed’ at home. Troy Smith finally outplayed Chris Leak as he led the North to three scores while a Leak fumble led to a quick North touchdown. It appears that between practice and his play in the game, Hunt has helped his draft status in the eyes of the pro scouts.

- The men’s volleyball team, ranked No. 9, upset No. 3 Hawaii Saturday night.

- The Lady Lions rallied from a 15-point deficit to beat Purdue Sunday.

- Things weren’t all rosy this weekend, the men’s basketball team lost their sixth in a row. As always, BSD has the scoop.

-The Wraastlin’ team pounded Ohio State 26-12 for their first Big Ten win Friday, but followed that up with a heartbreaking loss to No. 11 Illinois 16-18 Sunday. Illinois had upsets at 125 and 133 – more on that later.


Coach said...

I watched the Senior Bowl on the DVR, so it was all Penn State to me.

I don't know that Troy Smith really played so well - but his team sure did. The South looked horrible - and I too had to, about every 3.5 minutes, make a comment about the SEC speed. That Auburn kid had a nice run (after catch) - but otherwise, the SEC kids were pretty quiet.

The announcers were kinda in love with Levi - Paul didn't get his name mentioned often (during play anyway) - but the North Defense was never on the field, so it's not surprising. The announcers, at the end, seemed a little perturbed that Tony was the "eventual" MVP - no interview - cheeky.

Galen said...

Unfortunately I have cable and my cable company doesn't carry the NFL Network so I didn't get to see it. It's hard to believe they didn't interview the game's MVP, but I'm not surprised - Hunt isn't a flashy guy and networks want the T.O.'s of the world not the lunch pail Tony Hunts.

Billybob said...

They should have interviewed him, he knows how to give a good soundbite as he proved after the Outback.

Hope he gets drafted by a NFL team I can stand, I'd hate to have to root against him on Sundays.

Black Shoe Diaries said...

Every publication I read hyped the Senior Bowl as Troy Smith vs. Chris Leak II. From what I read (I have basic cable too) they both sucked, but Smith sucked less.