Friday, December 08, 2006

Miami Hires Defensive Coordinator

The long arduous search for the new Miami head football coach is officially over as the university has named erstwhile Hurricane defensive coordinator Randy Shannon their choice. How far has this mighty program fallen in recent years? One would think that a coaching vacancy at this school would attract big names, but competent candidates avoided them like a gigolo avoids Paris Hilton when he’s short on condoms. To further prove how little interest there was in the position, we at The Nittany Line have obtained the super-secret list that Miami officials used in searching for a new head coach.

Go Canes!

Update: Rich Rodriguez chooses the backwoods of West Virginia over the trailer parks of Alabama. Even though he got a pay increase to $1.1 million last season, we’re betting that may change in the not too distant future. As for Alabama, well, let’s just say that’s a pretty big Matzah ball hanging out there Georgey boy.


Anonymous said...

I think it would have been funnier if they had hired Bernie.

Galen said...

With Bernie at the helm, Miami would become the greatest side-arm quarterback factory in college football.

JB said...

Miami is such a stink-hole. They recruit nothing but thugs (willie williams anyone?) and then wonder why they have brawls on the field and shootings off the field.
The classless, thuggish attitude has permeated every part of sport culture at Miami. How they continue to be relevant in college sports is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Please don't confuse Bama for the "Cow College".

Galen said...

Duly noted Mike, I feel bad for 'bama, I don't think they thought this one through thoroughly now desperation may set in.