Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bowl Game Pick 'Em at BSD

I’m kicking myself for not mentioning this sooner, I meant to but it kept slipping my mind – Mike over at Black Shoe Diaries is running a Bowl Game contest that is a lot of fun. Basically you start off with a bank roll of $10,000 and you can bet that money on either the spread of a game and/or the over/under. After the games are all over Mike will total up the monies and crown the person with the biggest bank roll the winner. It’s not only fun but Mike is giving the winner a $50 Visa Gift Card! Even though the bowl games have already started I’m sure Mike will let you in now if you want because you don’t have to pick all the games – just the games you feel comfortable with. Head on over and get in the game. As an added bonus you get to hear a lot of smack talk from yours truly because I’m sitting in second place.


Mike said...

Thanks for the plug. You're correct that anyone can join anytime throughout the bowl season. I may cut off new entries after Jan 1. I'm not sure yet. But there is plenty of time to get in.

Galen said...

Sorry I didn't get to it earlier Mike - I tip my hat for the idea, wish I came up with it.