Thursday, September 21, 2006

Penn State Fan Advisory System revealed

We at The Nittany Line have our thumbs firmly placed on the pulse of the Nittany Nation due to our close proximity of our beloved Lions, and as such we are here to serve those displaced Penn State fans that may not be in the know. With that in mind we are unveiling the Penn State Fan Advisory System.

...brought to you by the Department of Nittany Lion Homeland Security

This system is a chance for people to understand the feelings of Penn State fans as the season progresses. As the level of anxiety and concern changes, rest assured we will be here to serve you and keep you informed. We are sure that the threat level will have to be changed after Saturday, despite the outcome but the current level is yellow or ELEVATED because of the game against Ohio State. Luckily you are still allowed liquids and gels in Beaver Stadium.

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