Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Game of the week

Week 3 is over and the results are in, our NFL expert is lagging behind having picked the wrong team for the second consecutive week. We feel confident though, Aikman will rebound in the next few weeks. As for Corso... we're not holding our breath. The ever omnipotent TNL reader is ahead of the curve and looking good going into week 4.

Our College football expert doesn't want to rest on her laurels (she prefers a comfy spot on the living room floor), so moving on; week 4 college football game of the week is Arizona State at California. Without further ado, here is Brandi the wonder dog's pick:

Mark it down: Cal. It's your turn to keep ahead of Lee and vote for the winner of this week's game of the week on the sidebar. The NFL game of the week will be posted later, stay tuned.


BillyBob said...

Who am I to contradict the dog? She's like Phil the groundhog, except accurate.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Until proven otherwise, that dog is $$$.

Galen said...

We're thinking of giving her e-mail so people can ask her for advice like Jen Sterger except brandi would give GOOD advice.

Mike said...

I'm going with Cal and taking them in my Pick 'em game. Don't let me down, Brandi!