Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Willie Williams finds a home

Erstwhile Hurricane linebacker Willie Williams has enrolled at West Los Angeles College under the close personal supervision of coach and Los Angeles County Sheriff Craig Austin. “I have a very strict disciplinarian policy and Willie will be under the same guidance that everybody else is. He will adhere to team rules,” Austin said. It’s very appropriate that the man entrusted to keep Williams under control could also pull double duty as his parole officer, now that’s what I call synergy. Austin isn’t worried because one of his assistants had a long talk with a Miami assistant who described Williams as a “model citizen.” Is it just me or does that phone call sound like something out of Crank Yankers.

Sure coach, *sniker* why I'd even call him a model *sniker* citizen. I'd let my daughter date him.

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Run Up The Score said...

Yes, model citizen. The first two words that come to mind.