Sunday, August 13, 2006

Paterno Doghouse report

This offseason has been relatively quiet when it comes to off the field stuff. Paterno's Doghouse has been empty until now, because fullback BranDon Snow is the sole resident. Snow will miss at least the first two games for unspecified reasons. On par with most of Joe’s disciplinary procedure the old man isn’t saying much:
“BranDon Snow won't get to play in the first couple ballgames for reasons I don't think would be fair to discuss.”
As any Penn State fan knows, Paterno doesn’t say much about his disciplinary actions and he, and ONLY he, decides when players in trouble see the light of day again. I don’t know what Snow did, and really doesn’t matter; more should be expected from guys that have been at PSU four or five years. Snow wasn’t going to light things up with the ball in his hands, but that’s not where he makes a living, his punishing blocks ahead of Tony Hunt caring the ball are his meat and potatoes and he is a good one at it. Paterno doesn’t seem too concerned though:

“We have not been a big fullback team the last year or so. . . . I think we're all right at fullback in what we want to do.”

Solid handed Matt Hahn takes over and will likely be used differently then Snow. Hahn is up to 230lbs this year and will hopefully fill in until Snow’s mail is no longer delivered to the Paterno K-9 complex.

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