Thursday, August 17, 2006

Injury bug bites Scott again

Injury prone second string running back Austin Scott sprained his ankle in practice Monday and will miss “several days” says Jeff Nelson, associate athletic director for communications. Scott, victim of high expectations due to gaudy high school numbers, has mainly disappointed Penn State fans. That is until his breakout performance (110 yards and two touchdowns ) in the win against Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Already trailing Tony Hunt in the depth chart, this setback will surly put him further behind last year’s 1000 yard back. With Hunt’s eligibility exhausted after this year, one has to wonder why Scott wouldn’t take a redshirt so he would have one year left to be “the man”. Both Paterno and Scott have publicly said this isn’t the case and Penn State is counting on his production this year. I guess that’s why Paterno is a legendary coach and I’m a humble blogger.

Austin Scott


Mike said...

Everyone is calling for Scott to redshirt. I disagree. If he's the second best back on your team, you have to play him. You put your best players on the field.

Personally, I'm not a big Austin Scott fan. He does too much east-west running instead of north-south running. His inability to pick up the blitz almost got MRob killed in the Orange bowl. He hasn't lived up to the hype. I would prefer they use up his eligibility this year and free up another scholarship. With Kinlaw, Royster, and Clark we'll be fine in 2007.

Galen said...


You're right about the "happy feet" Austin gets. You also bring up an interesting point about the Orange bowl, his lack of blocking is a real problem and I think it made a big difference in that game.

JB said...

I agree about Scott, however, haven't we seen great talent sit on the penn state bench for 3 or 4 years only to see them explode in their last year? Maybe they weren't ready before than and I don't dream of questioning Joe but look at LJ. three years of being in Joe's doghouse and then he is a heisman contender and now a fantasy god.