Monday, August 07, 2006

Fighting Irish filling holes in D

It seems that Notre Dame feels they are lacking some team speed on defense. Coach and Savior Charlie Weis has moved last season’s second leading rusher from running back to linebacker to help replace the loss of the D’s two leading tacklers.

"We're going to get more athletic on this team because we're not going to get beat due to a lack of team speed," Weis said Sunday at the team's media day. "If you're not happy with the speed you have at the position, you have to figure out where the answers are."

Travis Thomas, who is the rusher turned linebacker in question, was completely shocked when told the news.

"I felt I had a productive season last year and at the time I was having a productive spring. So it was a shock. It was something I really had to think about."

What should have been even more shocking is the reason Weis said the move was necessary, the problem wasn't that the Irish only lacked speed. He blames too much thinking and not enough reacting.

"Anyone who has to think about what to do and can't just go out there and let it loose is going to be hesitant."

I’ll bet that makes Thomas feel really good about himself. Poor guy is the Derek Zoolander of linebackers.

Notre Dame, the school for the really, really, really, fast guys that aren't very smart but want to be good at something other then books.


Cool Hand Mike said...

So the starting middle linebacker position will be decided in a pose-off.

Galen said...

...that or Breakdance fighting.