Monday, August 07, 2006

Courtship begins for whiny X-Nebraska QB

Angered with the dearth of practice repetitions he received the first two days of preseason camp, backup Nebraska QB Harrison Beck decided to take his ball and go home. Not only did he disappear after the first couple days, but he had his mommy, Evelyn Beck-Bothwell handle the reporters. Sweet!
“I'm disappointed that things occurred the way they did," coach Bill Callahan said after practice Monday. "I was hopeful that [the situation] could be rectified. But it's Harrison's choice."
You may remember Beck from such performances as Kansas State where he missed his first four passes and threw an interception. He did redeem himself by leading the Huskers on a seven-play, 55-yard drive, ending on a game-winning 40 yard field goal. Beck was of the highly recruited pedigree, so it will be interesting to see where he turns up.

Not this Beck, but still a loser.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

This one is easy. He's going to Oklahoma. He'll start next year.