Monday, August 14, 2006

Clarett Update

Clarett's lawyer has spoken and it's pretty impressive. I sometimes can't believe the piles of bullshit lawyers lay to get their clients out of trouble but this one is on par with the O.J. Simpson defense. Spitting at the arresting officers? No, just clearing his mouth of blood and pepper spray. Carrying three loaded semiautomatic handguns and a loaded assault rifle?? Just "getting his affairs in order for the upcoming trial." Wearing a bulletproof vest?? Er... um... guess that one is a tad hard to explain because Michael Hoague, Clarett's attorney, failed to mention it. I guess Clarett didn't have any room left in the car, what with all the loaded guns, hatchet and such. Sometimes I wonder if lawyers like Mr. Hoague actually practice in front of a mirror to get the lies down without laughing.


ed mcgee said...

you really had to use the "F" word on that picture caption? People who curse or use foul language have a huge complex of some kind and need to find filth to build themselves up. I am more than surprised at the Penn State University for allowing such trash. With such an attitude, I would say Penn State will go 4 - 8 this year - filthy people don't win.

Galen said...

ed mcgee,
First off, this blog is in no way affiliated with Penn State University in any way, shape or form. They have no say in what I say and they don't moderate this blog. Secondly, I linked that picture verbatim from (as it is clearly marked) and did not add the caption, but it gets my point across. If you are offended by it I suggest you read the rules to this blog that are clearly marked and can be found here:
No, I don’t use the “F” word often but I do on occasion (along with other colorful words). If that means I have a “complex” then so be it, I have a complex, thank you Dr. Phil for your drive by analysis.

Mike said...

McGee, get over it. You're in a testosterone filled atmosphere. If you can't handle it, go get your news from ESPN.