Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blogpoll debut

For those of you unfamiliar with the Blogosphere, mgoblog has a yearly anthology of bloggers that comprise one of the best ideas to ever seep from the demented mind of a blogger: the BlogPoll. Much like the USA Today/Home Depot/ESPN/ Poulan Weedeater /Smith & Wesson/Wal-mart Supercenter now featuring Murphy USA Gas/Coaches Poll, Brian from mgoblog takes the opinion of a very diverse plethora of Bloggers, and smashes the votes into one poll, much like a fat woman trying to fit into those extra large stretch shorts that say “JUICY” on the ass. The first week is done and can be found here. I really suggest book-marking his blog, because this poll is as good as any to follow. He also takes the time to break down (and make fun of) individual blogger’s votes, exposing those that are biased, far from the norm, etc. I feel proud of my fellow Penn State bloggers because they are already showing up in “The Coulter/Krugman Award” list or the Award for outstanding bias in the name of making the poll look silly. Go State!! Set the bar high, guys!


Mike said...

I didn't think PSU at #13 was that bad. It was only six spots ahead of where the blogpoll ended up. Brian put Michigan at #9 which was five spots higher than the blogpoll.

But I do think the guys over at 50-Yard Lion are drinking the Kool-Aide putting the Lions at #8.

Galen said...

Considering they finished #3 last season, have the best linebackers in the nation, return some very key guys on both lines and all their WR's; #13 isn't unrealistic, as a matter of fact I would place them somewhere in the top 15 if I were doing the poll. Preseason polls make the best discussion, but that’s about all their worth.