Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Upcoming items of interest

We are constantly working on improvements here at TNL, in that light here are some adjustments for the not too distant future.

  1. We are working hard at a new look to the website, I just wish I could figure this FrontPage thing out.
  2. I need to give respect to my fellow PSU blogs; soon a new list. We are trying to be a tad more universal, after all, SDIAB is a NFL fan and will be reporting as such, but I need to recognize my fellow Lions.
  3. I will be tackling the Preseason polls very soon. Stay tuned.
  4. My secrets to winning NCAA 2007. That's right football geeks, I bought it, I played it, and I have the easy steps to win.

1 comment:

Cool Hand Mike said...

Teach me the football secrets, Obi Wan.