Thursday, July 27, 2006

Head scratcher of the week

Former THEosu running back Maurice Clarett continues his parlay string of wonderful decisions. Just two weeks before his trial for aggravated robbery, robbery and carrying a concealed weapon Clarett fired his two attorneys. Attorneys William Settina and Robert Krapenc filed a motion Monday saying they do not wish to continue as Clarett's lawyers. He apparently didn't pay them and is not cooperating in his own defense.

Fire your attorneys? BRILLIANT!


Cool Hand Mike said...

He could always hire Johnny Cochran, no wait he's not with us. Clarence Darrow, no wait. Perry Mason, no wait. I think Matlock is still around though.

PSUMike said...

Maurice Clarrett, the gift that keeps on giving. tOSU fans must be so proud.

Scarlet & Gray Matters said...

psumike... actually most OSU fans have forgetten about the little wretch since NCAA cleared the University. I for one don't pity him on bit.

BTW NitLine - Nice blog!

Galen said...

scarlet & gray matters,

Thank you for your kind words, we aim to please. We're new at it, but we're learning.

Spanier lookalike said...

Reminds me of my favorite sign at Gameday of PSU/OSU last year...."Hey Clarrett, where's my pizza!"